Chesil Beach and My All-Time Favorite Movie

When a newly married couple attempts to consummate their marriage in early 1960’s England at Chesil Beach, the unsaid is said along its shores and Florence leaves her eight hour old husband, Edward. Ian McEwan’s short novel Chesil Beach delineates the pre-counter-culture movement between the young couple and their indelible past.

McEwan is a master craftsman switching voices between the couple, drawing on Florence’s musical skill, her husband’s promise to sit in seat 9 row C at her debut concert; upon Edward’s fascination with history, the ever-present apocalypse, and the emptiness he creates when that seat is empty.

Chesil Beach shares themes with his Booker award winning novel Atonement–which is also a movie showing in the States in limited theaters (starring Keira Knightley) and earning 7 golden Globe nominations–of what cannot be undone, the story that can’t be re-written.

Here is my favorite scene from Atonement which is now my all-time favorite movie:

One thought on “Chesil Beach and My All-Time Favorite Movie

  1. hey there – i was just checking for new posts here and your myspace page and wanted to know if you are EVER going to give us something new from you to read – or old…old would be ok too ;D

    just miss your “voice”.

    i just bought the book atonement – i’m going to read it before i see the movie – or do you think it would ruin the movie for me???

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