Half-Life by Jonathan Raymond

When a pair of human bones are dug up on Tina and Trixie’s commune, the Portland community is in an uproar about who the bones belong to: the local Native Americans or to Science for further study. Somehow the bones are connected to Oregon’s early history, of two best friends, Cookie and Henry, early Oregon settlers, who travel to China for an illegal business deal.

Jonathan Raymond’s Half-Life weaves together two stories of friendship and loss. Raymond’s details of the Pacific Northwest wilderness are lush and evocative. His pictures of relationships are adept and endearing. Find the book here.

One thought on “Half-Life by Jonathan Raymond

  1. ha ha ha i can’t keep up with you gale! i read some excerpts from the novel and it sounds intriguing. i am particularly in love with the way he describes natural oregon. i have been interested in visiting there since i learned as a teenager that it is the starting point of the of the only coastal rainforest in north america. oregon is one of the most beautiful states i have seen (in pics that is)

    the book is not that long and if i start reading it i won’t be able to stop until i am finished and thats a problem cause i have to study.

    so i will add it to my list.

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