Seven Social Sins

Interesting article from The Age on the subject of sin. It’s overloaded with quotes, but it talks about society’s diminishing belief in sin. Which isn’t anything new. The article was precipitated by the Vatican’s recent announcement of the 7 social sins that are supposed to echo the 7 cardinals sins. The seven social sins are:

1. Bioethical violations such as birth control
2. Morally dubious experiments such as stem cell research
3. Drug abuse
4. Polluting the environment
5. Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor
6. Excessive wealth
7. Creating poverty

Here’s an idea. Maybe the Vatican should worry about displaying and sharing Christ’s love, to the extreme that people begin to fall in love with and follow this Jesus Christ, and, naturally, out of their love and discipline for him, won’t want to sin. Then the Vatican won’t have to worry about making sure people throw away their trash in the park. Just a thought.

2 thoughts on “Seven Social Sins

  1. I think it is interesting that they made changes to what sin is over time. That is a little weird. Like somehow God changes what he views as sin.

  2. yeah, awesome!!!! when someone has accepted the true love of christ they are changed. the desire to sin grows less and less the closer they get to god. and the desire to please god grows. which solves any problems/sins we can come up with here on earth. that should be the church’s focus – attracting people towards love with love and then naturally people will respond. everyone is looking for love or at the very least a substitute for what they can’t seem to find, not more reprimands and fear -we get enough of that in life from the mistakes we make. and i am not saying we should abide sin but we can overcome it with love!

    when i have spoken to people about their belief in god i often find it’s not that they can’t belive in him -it’s that they think they could never live up to the standards they think or have been taught he demands in order to be a christian. they think there is no chance they could change their ways of coping with the world by giving up all the things the world has taught them to do to find some temporary relief. and honestly they can’t do it alone. they need god. it’s simple but so hard to get over that first hurdle, which is trust. and we will never be free of sin or tempation here on earth but i know for a fact that god is with me through it all and he loves me with a love that transcends the meaning of that tiny word “love” we use in a struggle to understand it. we can’t understand it, only accept it.

    and i think that may be the problem, so many people are filled with pain and do not believe they can be loved with an unconditional love like that. so the only way to break through is to show them they deserve it by how we treat them and allow the love god have given us reach out and find them, meet them wherever they are.

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