Another Near Death Experience

PillDuring spring break I was able to get to a doctor about my constant stuffy nose and was prescribed an antibiotic.  They are huge pills as you can see.  

I was taking my pill one night when I swallowed it wrong and it got kinda stuck in my esophagus.  It was slowly and painfully moving down when I started to get light headed and then I suddenly blacked out.  When I came to I didn’t know what was happening.  

My parents said I fell straight back, landed with my head on the tile floor and hit my elbow against the center formica.  I was shaking on the floor for thirty seconds until I shot up to my feet and started flailing around, punching my mom in the mouth in the process.  That’s when I came out of the fog.

pill in half

Because my parents thought I had a seizure they took me to the doctor the next day and he said that the pill probably hit my vegas nerve which runs through the stomach and esophagus and into the brain.  Then the doctor made of of me, but at least I didn’t have a seizure.  I did have one painful bruise on my elbow.

Now I cut my pills in half.  The moral of the story is that you should never take medicine because it might try and kill you.

3 thoughts on “Another Near Death Experience

  1. “vegas” nerve huh? i have alot of friends that have visited vegas and they seem to develope the same symptoms you had… ” I suddenly blacked out. When I came to I didn’t know what was happening.” thus the saying – “what happens in vegas stays in vegas”.

    ok – let’s add this up – killer zamboni’s, bomb threats and now choking on gigantic pills. it’s like you are 007 the way you escape death except no one is intentionally trying to kill you. of course they could actually be genius enough to make it seem that way…

    i was pretty close to death myself before spring break. i almost fainted in class – the instructor pulled me aside and had me lay on the floor in an adjoining room until she called my dad to pick me up.

    i went to the doctor and the doctor called 911 – i had a fever of 105, my heart rate was over 100 beats while resting, my blood pressure had dropped down to nothing and i was completely dehydrated. it was my first time in a ambulance.

    they admited me in at the hospital and told me i had pneumonia after lung x-rays. it’s the kind where apparently you can just be walking around and drop dead.

    i am still recovering – thank you lord 😉

    glad you are ok too!!!!

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