The Olympics in Beijing and China’s Problems

The Olympics are about 100 days away. Because of China’s politics they have a lot of haters. Tibet and Darfur and restrictions of free speech and the environment are just a few examples of worldwide issues. If you were an Olympic sponsor would you continue to be a sponsor? If you were an Olympic athlete would you compete in China?

photo via ayjay

Update: via The Times. Police pull down a demonstrator along the route of the Olympic torch in London. Protesters advocating Tibet’s independence disrupted the torch’s path in London, Paris and San Francisco.

2 thoughts on “The Olympics in Beijing and China’s Problems

  1. yes and yes. the olympics stands for something a lot bigger than the host country. can’t we celebrate the improvements that have been made by china in the past 20 years? having the olympics there is only going to allow them to continue moving forward, because they will see that they have to in order to compete in the world.

  2. no i don’t think china should be allowed to have the olympics until some changes are made in how they are oppressing tibet but i don’t want the atheletes to have to make a decision not to participate since they have worked their whole lives for this one event. maybe it could be delayed until there is some resolution. the olympics represents unity among the nations, unless the nations are in agreement with china i don’t know how we can support the olympics there, in fact they probably should not have been considered to host in the first place – human rights has been an issue for many years in china prior to this.

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