Dancing Jesus

I linked my way through to an interesting blog called Once a Youth Pastor… and I found that I shared many of the same sentiments towards youth ministry. I’ve been a youth minister for about a year and a half and my views and philosophy about youth ministry, in general, haven’t changed. I think they’ve actually been reinforced by my experience. I mention this to prepare for my upcoming series about youth ministry entitled “Dancing Jesus: Why the Church Has Failed the Youth”. In the mean time read this post and then come back for the series.

One thought on “Dancing Jesus

  1. “I want someone I can tell my problems to.”

    regardless of age, this is what we all yearn for – love and compassion from christians who will not judge. young people are feeling the need for acceptance for the first time and about very sensitive subjects, “adult subjects” that they do not have any experience with yet. so there needs to be more care and concern from adult christians for what they need real guidance for.

    i think alot of times the church takes for granted the needs of youth as though it’s all about fun and games. and to a significant extent it is – young people want new and fun things to do – that is what my youth group experience was about and that is not wrong. but when our youth ministers did give us guidance it was more about feeling shameful for the thoughts we had than being real and adressing them honestly with bible based solutions. and many times parents coached their kids not to talk about certain issues – so that is another barrier to deal with.

    they need guidance more than anything – people with a heart to lead them closer to christ. all christians have that need, a deep and constant longing to know god more and sink their roots deep in his love. and that is what a lot of youth ministry is lacking, people who can assist them in learning that love. it is a big deal.

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