Books and Links

I’m very tired. To say that in French you say, Je suis tres fatigue. I said that in French class because I was tired.

I’ve started reading No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July. It’s amazing. Read it if you get the chance. In other fiction I’m supposed to be reading March by Geraldine Brooks so I can write a paper on it. Also reading Face of the Deep by Catherine Keller, which has a beautiful book cover. Also, The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse by David Johnson, which I’ll be blogging about here soon. Another book I want to blog about is Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris, who are two 19 year old brother. Their book is about rebelling against the low expectations set for teenagers by society. Good stuff.

For music links I came upon The Bored-Again Christian (via JWinters), which is a site dedicated to indie Christian music, which is awesome, because as much as I like Air1, contemporary christian music stinks in the same way pop music stinks. It’s entertainment and populist driven. So you often get shallow music. When Sufjan Stevens is on Air1 then I’ll take back everything I’ve said.

Rob Bell is a big hero of mine. His The God’s Aren’t Angry With Us tour is out on DVD I think on Friday and I’m looking forward to that. You can view some sample clips here and buy the DVD here. Rob Bell references the book by Lawrence Kushner God Was In This Place and I, I Did Not Know It in both this new tour and in his Everything is Spiritual tour and is a book I’d recommend (with a disclosure). Bell’s new book out in November Jesus Wants to Save Christians is based on his sermon series he did last year and will offer some deep insight.

What are you reading…

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