Friday is for Writers

• I know this video has been all over the blogging world world, but I’m sure not everyone has seen it. Even if you’re not a writer you’ll think it’s funny. The guy in the video is an author named Dennis Cass and his book is called Head Case. The video is of him talking to his publicist on the phone.

• Mike Duran is continuing the discussion of safe vs. edgy Christian fiction here and here. It’s also an interesting discussion at Rachelle Gardner’s blog here and here.

• On September 2nd, Marilynne Robinson’s new book Home will be released. From the description it looks like a sequel to Gilead which won a Pulitzer. I’m so excited I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Maud Newton on revealing too much of your real life in fiction. (via Editorial Ass)

Advice to poets from Canyon Press. “1. Write when you feel moved to, in response to some inner necessity, or when provoked by something in the outside world. If it is of help, set yourself a working schedule, but do not attempt to force your talent; let it develop at its own pace. You are not entering a competition or a popularity contest.”

• The future of the book.

• Roth’s unsent letter to a critique.

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