Frederick Buechner

Frederick Buechner is a writer and an ordained minister. I find him fascinating. I’ve only read Godric and Brendan and loved them both. Here’s an excerpt of a video interview with Buechner. Here’s a written interview by The Door. Here’s a quote from the interview:

BUECHNER: I tell them that a minister has only two stories to tell. One is the story of Jesus. The other is his own story. Most ministers don’t dare tell their own stories- the ups and downs, the darks and lights. In a sense, the two stories are the same story. The parallels are not exact… Jesus is tempted and resists; we are tempted and don’t resist. Of course, all ministers draw some stories from their lives- what somebody said or something that happened, but I mean more than that. If you want to talk about grace, if you want to talk about revelation, talk about your life with some depth (which doesn’t mean lurid revelations as much as simply looking at your own deep experiences and describing them as they are.) Many ministers agree that this is the way they should bear witness to their faith, but instead of drawing on their lives for truth, they draw on it only for anecdote.

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