A Not Funny Post

Hello you. Here’s some interesting things I wanted to share with ya’ll. Some of them might be old news.

• Charlie the Unicorn Part Two was a disappointment. Watch it here. Watch part one if you’ve never seen it.

• I really want to be a fashion designer. Like Marc Jacobs. I’m going to learn to sew first.

• If you didn’t watch Donald Miller’s prayer at the DNC then you must be sheltered (here). I didn’t really like it, not sure why. But his pre-prayer interview I did like (here). His email conversation with Obama is funny (here).

• A very interesting conversation on “super-noticing” (here). Seemed to reference a lot of Malcom Gladwell’s Blink. The power of the subconscious is fascinating.

• This was a very boring post. When I get my funniness back I’ll be more funny.

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