Known to Cause Cancer

Where my head becomes my neck I have this bad dandruff on my scalp. It itches like the second time I got crabs (blatant movie reference). I bought a bottle of extra strength shampoo with special ingredients. The ingredients are so special the warning on the bottle said some chemicals are known to the state of California to cause cancer. I almost didn’t buy the stuff because of that reason, but then I realized I live in Oregon so it’s completely safe.

Yesterday I wore my pink shirt that I got when some breast cancer organization sponsored an event. I received the expected mocking from guys about wearing a pink shirt. And so I told them, “I wear it for a good cause. I support breast cancer.”

My roommate bought a bright orange shirt at Value Village for his Halloween costume. I bought a mullet wig. We’re dressing up as the two cool dudes in this music video.

My roommate and I are also addicted to the television series Las Vegas. We watch two episodes in the afternoon before hockey practice. We really relate with the characters. I’m the funny black guy, Mike Cannon. And my roommate is Ed Deline, the guy that’s head of security and who ends up being replaced by Tom Selleck in the last season before it was cancelled.

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