Graduate School and Becoming a Writer

I finally decided where I’m going to apply to graduate school. I want to get my Master of Fine Arts in writing. It’s a terminal degree so you can teach writing in college with it. It will allow me to focus on writing for a few years while giving me the credentials to teach it in the long run. Which is a smart thing since it’s hard to make it as just a writer. I’m probably going to apply to a seminary just in case I don’t get into any of the MFA programs.

It’s a long process, lots of paperwork and forms to fill out. The most important aspect of the application process is the 25 page writing sample. It’s what gets you in or not. I have about 15 pages done. So keep me in your prayers.

A few days ago I wrote a new scene for a short story I’m working on. I liked it so I might post it on here. It was actually the first time I was able to write for an extended period of time. It’s nice to be back in a groove. It was also the first time I prayed for an extended period of time so I think that had a lot to do with my writing.

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