Is College Worthless?

A twenty year college professor is leaving his job because:

…most of today’s college students, especially those that come to college straight from high school, are unnecessarily coddled. Professors and administrators seek to “nurture” and “engage” and they are doing so at the expense of teaching. The result: a discernable and precipitous decline in the quality of college students. More of them come to campus with dreadful study habits. Too few of them read for pleasure. Too many drink and smoke excessively. They are terribly ill-prepared for four years of hard work, and most dangerously, they do not think that college should be arduous. Instead they perceive college as an overnight recreation center in which they exercise, eat, and in between playing extracurricular sports, they carry books around. If a professor is lucky, the books are being skimmed hours before class.

[here via PW]

2 thoughts on “Is College Worthless?

  1. No. And yes. I blame my years of coddling for not being able to come up with a definitive answer.

    In a previous post your line of “I support Breast Cancer” made me laugh. I appreciated that, so thought I would pass it on — in an entirely different post because I’m too lazy to go back to that one. It’s like finding a dollar in a pair of jeans you haven’t worn for a while.

    Or maybe it’s not. Anyway, thanks.

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