What Happened Yesterday

These are some things that happened in my life yesterday:

The sewer in our house backed up. I didn’t have anything in the dungeon when it happened, but I smelled it when I got home. We turned off the heat so the smell would go away. My housemate and I were laughing about it in the kitchen while we looked for food. He had to take his hockey gear to the car wash and spray off the sewage from it. He spent 12 dollars spraying off the sewage from his gear.

At school I ran into a guy I had a class with last year. He’s sort of strung out. Like it’s obvious he got into drugs in high school and never stopped. But he’s still sharp and well spoken. I asked him what his Thanksgiving plans were and he said he was going to Latin America. I said, Oh, like for the weekend? He said, No, like for months. He was buying a motorcycle and traveling by himself. I didn’t ask him why.

In the fiction class we broke up into small groups and read short stories about a particular job. I was absent the previous class so I didn’t have a story, but I listened to the other three in my group. The best story was about a paparazzi guy who happened to photograph a celebrities death. We were supposed to pick the best story and have them read in front of the whole class. I was the odd man out so they made me pick, but I didn’t want to so I made the three of them play 1s and 2s, where you throw a one or a two down and whoever is odd man out loses. The first time they all threw twos down and the second time the guy with the paparazzi story lost. He went with one.

In my other writing class the prof asked rhetorically, “If you were a teacher and knew that it was one of your student’s last days to live, would you teach differently?”

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