Corporations Are Like Prostitues

Below are two short commercials from two different companies.

The first is a Sprint commercial with the CEO walking through Times Square talking about the features of the network and then inviting the audience to be a part of that network. It tries to dazzle me with the black and white cinematography and the flashing big city lights.

The second is a Discover Card commercial reacting to the recession with an invitation to partner together to be better consumers. It uses a Biblical reference to Ecclesiastes and attempts to candy coat any guilt of over-consumption. It essentially says, “You’ve done nothing wrong, just be a little more careful by changing nothing about your spending except for the credit card you use.”

I don’t trust corporations which is why I do not like commercials that don’t make me laugh. These two pissed me off. I won’t get into the McDonalds commericials’ aiming for a fresh-cool-young-hip-sexy look.

I’m not going to buy your product even if the CEO is talking about it and asking me to be his friend. Unless it’s Steve Jobs or Tom. Also, I’m not an idiot. I over spend money I don’t have and I don’t need your credit card to help me manage that. You aren’t here to be my friend or to help me. So don’t pretend that you are.

I would like you better if you were honest and upfront. Even if all you said was “I hate your guts and I want your money.” Then we’d get into a conversation about what you would do for me and how much I’ll give to you. It’s sort of like I’m picking up a prostitute, which isn’t a bad way to look at it, because Corporations are very much like whores. In the end I’d be slapped because I don’t have any money anyways.

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