She Said Hush

She said, hush,
And undressed me.
Undressed me with her eyes.

She said, hush, and I
didn’t say anything.
She said, God made us simple,
we only make it complex.

I said, Are we simple or complex?
She said, I don’t know.
I said, When you know
will you tell me?

She said, Hush and listen.
But there wasn’t anything
to listen to.
Just our beating hearts.

2 thoughts on “She Said Hush

  1. Je ne parle pas français. Mais si je faisais, je dirais quelque chose comme : ” Votre poésie est très bonne. Je ne vous connais pas. Mais j’aime C.S. Lewis et pour cette raison, je pense que je pourrais comme vous aussi.”

    I completely cheated. Courtesy of Yahoo Babel Fish.
    My fake (and probably unintelligible) French aside, I do really like your writing.

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