The Most Important 30 Seconds

In any 60 minute football game the amount of action lasts approximately 11 minutes.

In any 60 minute hockey game the amount of time one player has possession of the puck is 30-120 seconds.

Which means football players spend more time walking and waiting then they do playing. And hockey players spend most of their skating away from the puck.

This means that what we do when we’re not in possession and when we’re not in the limelight is more important than what we do when we have possession and we are in the action.

If a player spends all his time trying to keep possession he’ll get tired and burn out. But if he waits, practices, plays his position, and anticipates, when the times comes to have possession he’ll score.

The Spanish chef Ferran Adria, who owns the restaurant El Bulli, which was voted the best restaurant in the world four years in a row, said he was closing down his restaurant for two years to “dedicate time to generate new ideas.”

His restaurant was only open six months out of the year.

The time we take to prepare is more important than when we perform.

By the time the puck is on our stick, the ball is snapped, the curtain is drawn, the crowd is waiting, we already know what to do.


3 thoughts on “The Most Important 30 Seconds

  1. Hi Ross,

    Very nice article, it’s right up on what we are thinking about our Kick off will be on this year. Would you be interested in speaking for 15 – 30 min on Saturday Feb 27th some where between 9 am – 2:30 pm? It will be in Vancouver Wa. At the Vancouver Vineyard Church. I can give you more information if you can do it. Take care! Kathy

  2. Well I hope your team makes the play off’s since they have worked so hard all year for it BUT on the other hand I hope you can make it. When will you know if you have made the playoffs?

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