Ross Gale’s Top 5 of the Week

I’m sick right now and that makes it hard to read and write. I’m also am taking a road trip to San Jose as my hockey team faces the #7 San Jose State Spartans this weekend. So today’s post is the first installment of my Top 5 of the Week.

5. Anytime Dubinsky gets smoked, it’s a good day. (Watch)

4. Massive 10 year olds hockey brawl. It’s okay, they’re Russian. (Watch)

3. Amazing cheese steak sandwiches, burgers, and even waffl-wiches at Theo’s in downtown Ptown. Open late on the weekends.

2. The sweetest goal I’ve seen in awhile by the Winterhawk’s Nino (Watch). You can watch me dangling Nino here.

1. I’m still waiting to be approved by Itunes, but soon my own Iphone and Android app will be released. Make yours at iSites for only $25. They’re a little backed up with requests, so it might take awhile to be approved. I’m on day 5 for my wait.

Geez, this is more anti-climatic than a James Cameron movie.

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