Ross’ Not Top 5 of the Week

5. I woke up at 5am, I’m sick. I’m driving 10 hours to San Jose. Well I’ll probably be riding shot-gun and sleeping, but still it sucks. We lost 6-0 to #7 San Jose St. The guys played great though. They’ve almost mastered the 1-4 forecheck.

4. [The] cataclysm will begin 75 miles off the Oregon coastline. The ocean floor will split, sending shock waves racing under the water as fast as 17,000 mph. Those shock waves, felt first as a rumble, will slam into Portland in 30 seconds. The rattling will grow into a pulsing undulation that will repeatedly shove the ground up and down as much as 6 feet. (Quake-Up Call)

3. Super human tape measuring skills.

2. Vanishing Genitals! Be vigilant, it’s a real thing.

1. Jumpsuits for Men: Designed for people like you who make things happen.

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