Blaming BP Oil Spill for Everything

It’s really that time of the year where everything that can and might go bad is blamed on a major catastrophe. Hence we blame BP’s oil spill.

You can watch live video of BP’s oil gushing into the Gulf Coast by clicking here. Psych. Actually you have to click here.

I drank a lot of water today. So I had to pee a lot too. Then I washed my hands a lot. So my hands are really dry. I can’t twist off the damn lid to the damn lotion bottle. Thanks BP for screwing everything up.

It was nice of Obama to take the blame and say that he was wrong for not responding well to the spill. It’s hard to forgive him though. I mean it’s raining like crazy here in Oregon and if it wasn’t for that stupid BP oil spill I’d be tanning right now.

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