Lady Gaga, a Slave to Pop Culture or its Queen?

What, you didn’t know I was a big Lady Gaga fan? OK, I don’t really listen to her music, but I do read the news about her.

“The music takes on a completely different life once it enters the universe,” she [Lady Gaga] said. “The fans and myself begin to dictate the sentiment around the song, and how it’s going to look and how it’s going to feel and where it’s going to be. It’s wonderful. It’s never finished. Pop culture is my religion, so to say pop culture is your religion you’d better believe your work is never finished, and that art is something that transcends, and it transforms.”

Pop culture doesn’t rest, it can’t. One small break, a week, a month, six months, a year, it takes you out of the press, out of the spotlight, out of people’s minds and ears and you fade into oblivion. I don’t think you can keep going without any rest. I think at some point you have to refill and regroup and re-energize. And that’s the irony of it all, what worships her might be her own demise.

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