What I want from Web 3.0

I don’t want Web 3.0 to predict my buying habits or push products on me. I don’t want it to be an extension of consumerism. I want it to help me put connections together. I want it to help me research and think and find new ideas. I want it to be an extension of my brain, not my wallet. I want it to guide me to the best ideas on a subject. I want it to compare and contrast. I want it to know meaning and context. If anything, I want it to create a story out of my life, looking at the themes and motifs that crop up. And I want it to do this for the world around me.

But that means it must use words, which is why Web 3.0 will be about semantics, and not the ad-driven semantics that ask me if I want a Quiznos coupon after lunching at Subway, but the meaning-guided semantics that make sense of the endless connections I don’t see or realize or begin to comprehend. Which is also the job of the writer, I presume.

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