This is what my Inner Critic looks like

What does your Inner Critic look like? (you can’t copy mine)


Feel free to share pics.

So far we have:

Grim Reaper:

Helena Bonham Carter:

Leona Helmsley:

Judgmental Squirrel:

18 thoughts on “This is what my Inner Critic looks like

  1. Ha! It’s Anton Ego! When Anton does not like the first bite of his food, he doesn’t even swallow. Incidentally his office is shaped like a coffin (possibly an indicator of his future if he continues to not swallow any food), and on the single time he writes a good review, he is fired.
    I guess that you are meaning to say that your inner critic reads the title of your writing, hates it, and refuses to read the rest of it.
    Frankly, I do almost the same thing to your writing, in my rush to go through my e-mail in the morning (I subscribe to your posts). I read the title, and archive the article so I have time to get to the rest of my mail.

    • That is almost what I’m saying, Andrew. If read the previous post it will make more sense. You’ll have to read more than just the titles and put your inbox on the back burner now. my blog is much more important 😉 see you tomorrow btw

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