Connecting With You Through Telepathy

I just want to say thank you for coming by from time to time and checking out all the silly things I share. I know I’m probably filling up your inbox with trash, but for those who take the time to comment and respond and like and share and just read, I appreciate it.

Thanks to my wonderful wife, I have some time to focus solely on writing. I’m much more grumpy nowadays because of this terribly lonely act, but ya’ll cheer me up and give me lots to think about.

If I haven’t connected with you through comments or twitter or telepathy, feel free to send me a note, even if it’s to say hi, or send me a story or poem or something you’re working on.

I have a lot of time grumbling over my own writing to read or edit or converse about your work.

I do want to tell you about two things I use daily in my writing-reading-thinking habit. They are called Evernote and Instapaper and are free. I use both of these together. Evernote is where I write and keep my notes. Instapaper is where I save all the things I’m reading. There’s way too much stuff on the internet, it distracts us writers and probably kills the careers of many of us, so these two little tools are a small way to keep me focused and organized on my computer Iphone and Kindle.

What keeps you focused and organized?

13 thoughts on “Connecting With You Through Telepathy

  1. Just got Evernote and love it. I was using OneNote on my other laptop, an HP. Will look at Instapaper. Is it better than Safari’s Reading List, where you can bookmark files to read later?

  2. I use WriteRoom everyday. Can’t write without it. And I use Freedom, but less than I should. In tandem, they turn my laptop into a typewriter that can play music. Which is all you really want or need for getting actual writing done.

  3. Thanks for this Ross. Since I’ve been ramping up on my screenwriting, I’ve been looking for a tool to keep my notes organized. Right now they are hand written, sprawled across my coffee table, dining table and some of the floor. So to answer your question how do I keep organized: I guess I don’t, really, lol!

  4. Ross,
    Thanks for the suggestion to use Evernote. I just downloaded it and it looks like it will come in pretty handy.
    I have been following along reading your blog and really enjoy your insights.
    Keep writing and I hope to see you around town at a coffee shop.

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