“In The Beginning” Blog Series on Creativity

“Bereshit bara…” thus the book of Genesis opens. “In the beginning…”

I’ve asked 13 incredibly talented Creatives to share with us what gives them the courage to create. They are writers, authors, teachers, professors, doctors, waitresses, pastors, painters, musicians, editors, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands. I just like to call them Creatives.

Creating is a daunting task. But it’s also full of joy and meaning and mystery.

How do Creatives make the first move, write the first word, fling the first brush stroke, peel back the first layer of clay?

What inspires them, what moves them, what drives them?

These are questions I wrestle with every day. Beginning anew with a blank page or a fresh idea, battling fatigue and weariness and distractions and discouragement and lack of motivation.

I want to know how other Creatives create and about the forces that drive them.

The series will begin in June and continue through August. It’s intended to be a conversation, a meditation, and an inspiration.

But this is only the beginning of the conversation

I need YOU to take part. I need you to write a blog post that wrestles with these questions. THEN SEND ME THE LINK (rossgale4 at gmail dot com) so I can share it here with our community and we can extend the conversation beyond just blogs and comments and shares and likes. I want it to move the conversation beyond our computers to our family, friends, and communities. I hope the image sparks some more thought. Let me know if you’ll be participating.

The 13 Creatives

Tyler Braun, manofdepravity.com
David Clark, davidclarkart.com
Dyana Herron, dyanaherron.com
Diana Huey
Chris Hunter
Elizabeth Myhr, elizabethmyhr.wordpress.com
David Jacobsen, jacobsenwriting.com
Adele Konyndyk, adelekonyndyk.wordpress.com
Shannon Huffman Polson, aborderlife.com
Britt Tinsdale Staton, alivestudios.net
Chad Thomas Johnston, chadthomasjohnston.com
Derek Smith, magicalteaching.com
Alissa Wilkinson, alissawilkinson.com

12 thoughts on ““In The Beginning” Blog Series on Creativity

  1. Hi Ross- Glad to “meet” you via Twitter! And what a great idea you have with this series. I love the topic and will enjoy reading other creatives’ posts.

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