The heart of a buffalo

If you’re a blogger I want you do do me a favor over the weekend. Write a piece that gets to the heart of something. Don’t dance or impress, just speak plainly and honestly and get right to its core.

Whatever you care about or is on your heart. I just want “it” in all its “itness” like the buffalo above in all its power.

And then send me the link either in this comment thread or my inbox (rossgale4 at gmail dot com).


9 thoughts on “The heart of a buffalo

  1. It In all it’s itness is this! Women of a certain age and entering the dating world. We have raised our children. Ran PTA meetings, Cub scout troops, hell I was the District Manager of a forten 500 company. 8 offices and 30 employees, then I was the bravest of all things a hockey mom. I have volenteered in every level of USA hockey that is possible to do. Including billeting other teenage boys for a hockey season.

    So why is that the thought of entering the dating world sends me into the shakes.. I have eaten antacids like they were life savers when I put up my dating internet site. I had to have my son come over and explain to me what LMAO ment. I thought it ment lame oh and I was like I thought that was a good joke back to the drawing board.. I put up the appropriate amount of pictures 5 two dressed up and 3 casual. Now I have my first date.. It took me two days to pick out the out fit. I have the back up plan worked out with my 20 year old so incase the guy is a creeper. His words not mine. So in it’s itness off I go on my first date in 30 years which I realize in real life time is only my third date ever… This brings my son to tears of laughter. I am like what is so funny? Not to worry mom we will get you through this I have a ton more experience at this than you do. Great!

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