What Do You Give a Polar Bear?

Food I assume. But that’s risky. Any gift you give a polar bear is risky.

Blogging is gifting and it’s also sacrifice. But what does the blog world need? What kind of a gift? Global warming is affecting the blog world, everyone is innovating, and everyone is telling us how to innovate, how to create and write and socialize. Our land is shrinking, everything is getting smaller while people, real people, seem to be moving farther away.

It’s easy to follow along with the trends. It’s harder to go another direction.

We have to go in another direction.

Wherever that is, it brings us together. Sharing gifts and food and stories and laughs.

We need new forms.

So my question to you: How do we make it better?

Share your thoughts or write a post and send me the link here in the comments or at rossgale4 at gmail dot com.

10 thoughts on “What Do You Give a Polar Bear?

    • Connecting in real life is ideal but most readers don’t live in the same state so what we’re talking about is a way to communicate with limited or no face to face connection. Writing and creating intentionally is important. I think posting frequency is a factor of style. If one is attempting to connect than more is better. If one is only sharing than the frequency is determined by what’s found good enough to share. What forms can these concepts take. Facebook and WordPress and twitter are all forms, but they are flawed forms. Each with a good purpose and use. What forms truly serve us as a community? That’s the question I’m wrastlin’ with. I don’t think we’ve found them yet. I think we’ll always be struggling to find them.

  1. I really like Cowbird, which is a community of storytellers (and feels like anthropology). Have a look at their site http://www.cowbird.com/ and tell me what you think. I have felt incredibly supported and some beautiful interactions have sprung up. It also feels less self-serving than some blog comments are at times (you know the type: ‘look at my post about this topic’ and then a very tenuous link). You can sprout stories, dedicate stories, collect them, do audio and of course beautiful photos. I can send you an invite if you like.

  2. A hug! No, wait… that’s even more risky 😉 I sincerely hope for the Polar Bear’s sake that we get this climate crisis under control. Maybe it’s not too late to consider forced sterilization…?

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