3 Questions for You — Participation Post

In the comments tell me:

  1. What project are you working on?
  2. What inspires you?
  3. What can we do to help you?

17 thoughts on “3 Questions for You — Participation Post

  1. I am very excited about your series, and am anxious to read what your guests have to say. ( As to your questions: http://doug-simpson-author.blogspot.com/2012/05/todays-guest-blogger-ellie-mack.html)
    1. My current WIP’s are: Kiss of the Dragon, a paranormal romance.
    2nd WIP: Faere Guardian: a paranormal romance; Faere Guardian, the first in a trilogy of Celtic Ties series.
    3rd WIP: actually editing and is posting on Storytime Trysts, currently in 2nd week Love Notes, erotica.
    2. everyday life, positive people, impossible situations, nature. You just never know. For Kiss of the Dragon, my inspiration was my husband’s tightwad nature. (it’s ok – I’m the spendthrift, and if it was up to me we’d be so deep in debt, we’d never see daylight!)
    3. Encouragement. I battle between moments of brilliance and passion, to hours of negative thinking. I’m my own worst critic!
    Probably more details than you wanted, isn’t it?

    • I think you need to add a few more WIPs to your list. Keep up the prolific work! One of the bloggers told me about her friend who brought her inner critic to life by getting a bratz doll and covering its mouth with duct tape and placing it on the table while she wrote. Thought that was hilarious. Maybe you should bring your inner critic to life and cover its mouth.

  2. 1. ME (putting me first, becoming a better person, learning things I wanted to for the longest time (such as French and mosaic)
    2. Faith. The knowledge that I will be okay no matter what. Faith in our infinite possibilities. The Universe!
    3. Send prayers my way!

  3. 1. I have three projects in the works right now. I’m trying to promote my self-published book, NEW YESTERDAYS. I’m writing an international thriller called CANAAN DOGS and I’ve just begun a new project that will be built around the Creation Myth. It’s tentatively entitled ADAM AND LILITH.

    2. My constant inspiration is my Companion. He lifts me up when I fall to the depths of depression because people aren’t buying my book, or when my characters and turning my life into a living hell. My other inspiration is my Grandmother. Even today, nearly 30 years after losing her, she still talks to me and gets me over the rough patches.

    3. How can you help me? Buy my book. Review it. Continue posting the inspirational posts I’ve come to expect from you.

  4. 1. I’m working on an essay about my brother that is *really* about why I (we) feel compelled to write, even under terrible circumstances, when writing feels like the least practical, less helpful thing ever.

    I’m also very excited to start work on a short video with a friend of mine who does shooting and editing for a living. We worked together on a trailer parody for IMAGE journal earlier this year, and it was so fun we decided we wanted to do something on our own terms. Although we’re just in the beginning stages, already it’s made me realize how little I know about forming a scene, and screenwriting in general. I know I’ll learn a lot from this, and from working with him!

    2. A couple of days ago I was in a 7-11 and this old woman shuffled in. Her body was contorted– maybe by scoliosis? Osteoporosis? She was holding her purse and, as she passed the little Krispy Kreme pastry display, she pointed at a not-so-fresh looking apple fritter and asked a nearby sales clerk what it cost and he told her and she paused for a moment and then shuffled away.

    3. Just knowing there are other folks out there facing the same challenges who persevere in spite of those challenges is really helpful to me!

    • I’m told writing a screenplay is similar to writing poetry. So I’m predicting your short video wil be awesome! Your inspiration breaks my heart and makes me want to write a story.

  5. 1. Working on book #2, The Resistance.
    2. Inspired by finishing my first book and wanting to keep going.
    3. Hearing what everyone else is doing, struggles, triumphs, etc., helps keep me motivated.

  6. My project – trying to finish my memoir’s “A blind eye’s view”
    What inspires me? – To inspire others and painting
    do for me? – finish my book and find me a publisher!

  7. 1. I am working on (if it may be called a project rather than a pilgrimage) rediscovering what “church” looks like as a working, healthy community.

    2. That there are others that are seeking how to reconnect with what is good, and right, and needed. Especially students and younger generations who try to make sense of the spiritual milieau that is their heritage.

    3. Feed me any ideas, thoughts, links, rants, and revisions you see fit. The truth is underneath this all, somewhere, if we’re honest enough to sift for it…

  8. 1. Finally moving past the brainstorming stage of a video documentary I’ve had planned for a while now. We’re going to be heading back to a small town in Kenya (my 4th visit) to conduct interviews in people’s homes, and hopefully ask the tough questions.

    2. Telling people’s stories.

    3. If you know anyone with relevant experience, and / or who’d like to go on a short trip to Kenya in late September, send them my way!

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