Here I Am. Can I Miss Out on God’s Calling?

If you haven’t yet, click over to Burnside Writers Collective and check out my essay, “Here I Am. Can I Miss Out on God’s Calling?” which is about my journey as a writer. If you do check it out, could you leave a comment? I want BWC to get lots of love. I’ve been a fan of their site for years so I’m grateful they accepted my piece. And check out the other articles. Lots of good stuff to find.

3 thoughts on “Here I Am. Can I Miss Out on God’s Calling?

  1. great article! ‘Writing takes one to more metaphorical jungles than real ones.’ Love that line! That sums up my passion to write in a way that real life experience often leaves you flat! thanks for sharing.

  2. Though I’ve known since I was 12 God wanted me to be a writer, I still understand the fear of missing that train. It is a terrifying one. But I believe that we don’t have to be so afraid of it. Like you said, the metaphor about the fenced in garden may be imperfect, but I believe God is more like that. We have our choices to make, yet God is still with us so long as our hearts are right.

  3. I just had to reply on this post because it is my birthday. I am also seeking what God’s will is for my life. Writing is what I love to do, but it is hard to make a living as a writer. Thank you for the very insightful article. It really adds clarity to the whole idea of God’s will.

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