Bereshit Bara Creativity Blog Series: Introduction

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When I asked the 13 Creatives to wrestle with how they found the courage to create many of them responded either in their meditations or in our conversations that good art often comes out of suffering and hardships, obstacles and challenges.

I expected to receive thoughts about creativity which helped me understand how the Creatives began their work, how they fought against writer’s block or discouragement.

But in reading these meditations my whole idea of creativity has been turned upside down. I feel as if I’m falling and I don’t know when or if I’ll ever land. It’s a scary place to be when you don’t know where you stand and you’re surrounded by darkness and mystery.

Through the 13 Creatives and our blogging community wrestling with these questions about creating, I’ve been changed.

The depths of everyone’s work will challenge you.

So I ask that you approach this series with an open heart and mind, prepared to wrestle with these questions as well as the concepts and metaphors.

I believe, like me, you’ll be changed in the process.

Tomorrow’s meditation comes from Elizabeth Myhr. She is a poet, editor and product development manager. Her debut book of poetry the vanishings & other poems, was published by Calypso Editions in October of 2011. She holds an MFA in poetry from Seattle Pacific University and lives in Seattle with her family.

When you comment on Elizabeth Myhr’s post you will be entered to win a copy of her book the vanishings & other poemsI’ll pull a name out of a hat on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s meditation will feature Derek Smith. He teaches language arts at Renton High School in Renton, Washington, and earned an M.F.A. in creative writing from SPU in 2011. He edits and contributes to Magical Teaching and is working on a memoir called Mr. Smith Is Magic — And Other Fantasies of a First-Year Teacher.

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