In Search of Creativity

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From Elizabeth Kalman’s “In Search of Creativity“:

Once I got stuck in traffic behind a hand-painted box truck decorated with silhouettes of rebel soldiers kissing Southern belles under trees dripping with Spanish moss.  In addition to the Civil War scenes, there was one of those magnetic signs depicting Mary and Joseph bent in prayer over the baby Jesus that read, “Let’s Keep the Christ in Christmas.”  I was so tickled by the disparate messages on the reenactor wagon that I wrote an entire novel featuring a reenactor who was a crazed murderer.

I’m not kidding.

At the time, my closest friend here in Charleston was a staid southern lady who abhors coarse language (she’s still my closest friend) and my hairdresser was a drunken slut (she’s no longer my hairdresser) who said things that were totally off the wall.  I got to wondering what would happen if those two women were twin sisters who had to live in close proximity to one another.

So I used them as my protagonists.

And for some reason at that time I was intrigued by the still-unsolved murder of Jason Mizell AKA Jam Master Jay from RUN DMC.  So, I set the novel in Jam Master Jay’s recording studio in Queens and threw in a snowstorm so none of my characters could escape one another.  Unfortunately, I learned as I wrote the novel that the story was really about a member of the dead rapper’s entourage I created, a man I named Solly.  I also had far too many characters and the imprisoning snowstorm became problematic because snowstorms in Queens don’t usually trap people inside recording studios.

This is only unfortunate because it means I must totally re-write the novel if it’s ever to see the light of day and I haven’t had time to get to it.  But it did earn me an agent who wishes I would figure the whole thing out and start over.

I write all of this to say that I never know what will kick-start my creative process.

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Tomorrow’s meditation is gifted to us by David Jacobsen. He lives in central Oregon with his wife and two sons. He holds a BA in English from Westmont College, an MCS in theology from Regent College, and an MFA in creative writing from Seattle Pacific University. He is a writer, editor, agent, and the author of Rookie Dad: Thoughts on First-Time Fatherhood (Zondervan 2007). David can be reached at

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4 thoughts on “In Search of Creativity

  1. It is interesting what we observe when caught in traffic. Paul Simon wrote 59th Street Bridge while stuck in traffic on Brooklyn Bridge. Creativity emerges from the most interesting and spacious of spaces. You are in good company.

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