Writing some postcard blogs instead. If you want in on these goodies send me your address at: rossgale4 at gmail dot com

8 thoughts on “Postcarding

  1. Am so tempted I cannot remember the last time I recieved a post card it must have been around ten years ago while my daughter was younger and on holiday at my grans with my mum. We sent so many children even though half the time we arrived home before they did. I really should start again when I go away to places.

  2. Reblogged this on Paula Acton and commented:
    I just saw this post and it has awakened so many memories of chhildhood and they joys of recieving a postcard through the mail that we have now lost…maybe we should all follow Ross’s example and bring back postcarding

  3. I love this idea – postcards are so much fun! I’ll be in Portland and proposed the same thing to my blog readers, although I’ve only had a few people take me up on the offer. Want to do an exchange? I love sending just as much as I love receiving. 🙂

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