The Basic Little Engine of Creativity, the Iron Man Glow-y Heart Thing

This interview with writer/director/comedian Louis C.K. is wonderful and informative on many levels. In a blog post on your website you wrote, “I hope with all my heart that I stay funny.” Is that something that you’re worried about? That this could all fall apart tomorrow, that the skill set you built up could somehow evaporate?

Louis C.K.: The skill set will stay because those are just basically know-how stuff. But the basic little engine, the fucking whatever is, the Iron Man glow-y heart thing… [Laughs.] Creativity.

Louis C.K.: Yeah, that thing. Sure. That could flame out at any second. No idea. I have no reason to be able to count on it. It’s just there. I can do a lot with hard work and no creativity. I could do it. When you really become a professional at this stuff, what’s important is how well you can do when you’re not inspired. If that’s still workable, then you have a career.


4 thoughts on “The Basic Little Engine of Creativity, the Iron Man Glow-y Heart Thing

  1. I’ve heard something similar from Stephen King in his book On Writing. Basically he said professionals don’t write simply because they’re not inspired, they write because it’s a job and you have to do it even if it seems like the words just won’t come out right. It’s really hard to grasp that, but then again if it was easy everyone would be professionals in their respective fields.

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