What’s to come

If you want to receive more links as well as engage even more on the topic of writing and creativity then please join me at the Facebook page I set up: Creativity Series. Please post links to your own projects and works of creativity. There’s some great articles already posted.

Wednesday will feature a Creativity series post from David Clark, a physician, writer, and visual artist.  After publishing forty professional articles as a University professor of medicine/surgery, he now maintains a printmaking studio, writes short stories and creative non-fiction, and teaches English part time at Fort Lewis College. In addition to recently earning a M.F.A. from Seattle Pacific University, Clark writes a regular column—The Occasional Reader, edits a medical journal, and blogs at Art, Words, and a Journey of Wonder. He and his wife Terry live in southwest Colorado. Contact: www.davidclarkart.com

I want to thank everyone who’s sent me a post wrestling with how one begins and finds the inspiration and motivation to create. I have one more post you should go check out.

Ellie Mack:
“Instead of feeling drained and exhausted, I was exhilarated, charged for more and ready to undertake anything.  Shortly thereafter though the bottom fell out and the doubts took over. Doubting that any of it was worth the digital paper where it was written, doubting that anyone would ever want to read it, and doubting that my sanity could weave a tale that actually made sense.  Was I after all just a ‘pie in the sky’ dreamer? Was I chemically unbalanced, destined to end up in a psych ward somewhere talking to my dragons?”

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