Spending your blogging self’s principal

David Sessions on “spending your blogging self’s principal”:

To be a fresh and relevant writer means, I think, that you have to be something like a fresh and relevant person, one who reads slowly and widely, has idiosyncratic interests, goes new places, meets new people, and regularly changes their mind. Feeling my own perspective plundered and empty over the years has pushed me to appreciate the value of, if we use Nolan’s terms, “building up the principal.” I don’t know any universally applicable way to do this, especially if you work in the media. Graduate school has played that role for me: being forced to read difficult books I cared about but would never have worked through otherwise, pushed to make new connections and learn about worlds and historical events I barely knew existed. The more you can be forced past your current perspective, and not just by other bloggers and journalists, the better. The more you can participate in something besides consuming media and blogging, the better. The more you can really learn about something the better; good writing can’t survive all that long on nothing but voice and other people’s reporting. (Patrol Mag)

Sine I don’t want to spend all my principal, but what to show that I might have some, these are the things I’m thinking and writing about.

  • The legitimacy of war. Mainly because of the Secretary of Defense and Head of the CIA Senate hearings.
  • Big Data. You know how the internet can take all this information? Well there’s so much information it’s hard to know what to do with it. Some bad things are happening, like some studies just use the data that helps their argument or study. The data is so large it’s hard to wade through it all anyway. Some cool things are happening, like how sports teams use data to help them make decisions. And what’s pending, is that we need data miners who can not only write code to help analyze and organize data, but who can also just analyze and organize data. Netflix uses data to recommend stuff and they used data to make House of Cards, which is Suhgood!
  • Hockey fights. I love watching and analyzing hockey fights.
  • The left and right of being a Christian involved in the political conversation. I’m a registered Independent so I can talk about the middle or lack thereof.
  • How living in Hawaii is strange. For example, racism, poverty, and crime.
  • A Failure’s Manifesto. When all you do is lose, how do you win?
  • Black holes.
  • Creativity. I have a series of creativity guests post I’ll be posting. Some great stuff for the “With Flames Upon The Head” series.

What are you writing about?

4 thoughts on “Spending your blogging self’s principal

  1. I’m writing about the upcoming AWP conference and simultaneously mapping out my plan of attack for who I want to see and what I want to listen to. While I’m at the conference I’m going to create posts from the site…like, an investigative reporter only more awkward because I’m a poet!

    Also, writing about Kenneth Goldsmith.
    Amazon book reviews and why we should be writing them…
    donuts, of course
    and rejection.

    Thanks for your post, Ross. I love blogs and I hope the blogosphere continues to grow, though it’s true that regurgitated material can only get you so far. Like, walk outside and look at the birds every no and then!


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