About Ross Gale

I’m Ross Gale. I’m a writer and editor. I live in Hawaii. I believe in the power of Christ, and in words, and that what is dead can be made alive; that what doesn’t exist can be created.

I contribute to Relief Blog. In the past have contributed to Burnside Writers, antler, Magical Teaching, and ImageUpdate.

Published in Relief Journal, Archipelago, When God Makes Lemonade, and WritingDivorce.com.

I earned my MFA in Creative Writing from Seattle Pacific University.

Say Hi to me at rossgale4@gmail.com

These are the places where I write my blog and novel:

146 thoughts on “About Ross Gale

  1. Hey man, I noticed you posted some quotes from my interview with Rob Bell. Then I noticed you are from Portland, Me too!!

    That interview is part of a greater book I am writing on the convergences of art and faith. I am always up to meet new peeps, especially people with common interests, like writing, art, faith etc.
    want to dialogue?

  2. Kristen, if you like slow moving fiction that focuses more on characters than plot I’d recommend Marilynne Robinson. Charles Martin is an amzing Christian author, Where the River Ends, is his best novel. No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July is a great book of experimental short stories. If you’re into non-fiction I’d recommend Donald Miller.

  3. Thanks, I’ll check them out. By the way, LOVED your web series, the siblings. I really think you got something good in the works. Very funny. When did you start it? and what do hope to do with it once it further develops?

  4. Hey! Remember me? I’m your blog! You remember, don’t you? Oh come on, sure you do. You used to place short stories and witty observations about life on me. Sometimes even beautiful poetry. And I would take it all and share it with the world.
    Gosh, we’ve had some good times, haven’t we? Especially when the Hockey House Wiffle Ball League was in full swing. Ahhh, Team Faith was my favorite.
    But look, the point is, I’m lonely. You don’t share your work with me anymore and I’m beginning to feel left out. Abandoned. A shell of my former, robust self. I just don’t think I can take it anymore.
    So when are you coming back, RC?

    • I heard a writer say he would go to a bar and drink wine and edit his manuscript. He said it made him mean and less sensitive about his precious words. He also said he wouldn’t recommend anyone else doing it.

    • Know what I do that really works well? I compose until I don’t know how the story goes next. Or hung up overly-researching a detail. I print what I have and re-read my story up till there, with a pencil. See Ross and Dawne? I do do a tactile part.

      Anyway fellow future authors in my circle bemoan “editing a whole draft” as huge work. Do it in spurts and it’s a pleasure. I have fun seeing my newest chapter in ink. I don’t lose time during writer’s block, re-typing those pencil changes.

  5. Thanks for following my blog. Last summer I seriously considered writing a story for Glimmer Train’s Short Fiction contest. I’m still thinking about it for sometime in the future. What did you think of the experience?

  6. You wrote:
    “I was a finalist for Glimmer Train’s Short Fiction Award (am I stretching to find accomplishments here?).”
    No! Not at all, in my book. I would be honored to be a finalist for any contest, and especially for theirs, I think. Yay, you!

    I just stopped by to thank you for following my blog. Now that I know you were a finalist, I am doubly honored. Hee hee hee.

    Thank you! 🙂

  7. Love the novel hook. Thanks for following me, I appreciate it and am interested to hear more about what you’re working on. I’ll be back to check on you, but don’t be scared, I only stalk people I know. =)

  8. Quite flattered that someone with an MFA is following my blog. Anyway, I do enjoy reading your works as well! Great job, great job! *here’s hoping I get to enroll in a good MFA program as well*

  9. Ross,

    Thanks for joining me on my journey! I’m signed up. I’ve got serious work to finish this weekend, as I posted, so when done I’, coming back to catch up on your posts.

  10. Congrats on your MFA. I’ve been battling what i want to do next in life and reading some of your posts really inspired me. I was just contemplating going back to school for that, as writing is my only true love. Thanks for sharing and keep it up! You’re funny and very talented. 🙂

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Quite flattered that someone with an MFA is following my blog. Anyway, I do enjoy reading your works as well! Great job.

  12. How’s your novel coming along? I love scientists (wanted to become one, but then decided to marry one instead). Especially if they discover something terrible. Especially if it’s all very sad. Thanks for stopping by on my blog. I try to write prose, but get distracted by poetry…

    • It’s coming along slowly, but it is making progress. What kind of scientist did you marry? Poetry is always distracting us from things we should be reading and writing instead.

  13. We’re neighbors…sort of. I’m about 1.5 hours from Portland, Oregon, in Washington. Thanks for following my blog. 🙂 Your wife is adorable…and I don’t mean the monkey. LOL Sam

  14. Hey Ross!
    Lots to ponder here and I hope you get some mileage out of your MFA at some point. My nephew recently graduated with a degree in Professional Writing and I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Writing is hard work but you are clearly up to the task and your life sounds kind of dreamy actually–a beautiful wife and all that talent–you are going places!

    Thanks for your support of my blog. Best Wishes….John H.

  15. I see you checked out my blog. Thanks for liking my post too.
    Pretty awesome that you are a writer yourself. I’m an amateur. But I’m praying one day I’ll finish a novel I can be proud of.
    In Christ alone,

  16. Hey Ross! Thanks for following my blog! I really want to be a real writer someday and publish a book. It’s cool that you’re a writer, too!

  17. Hey Ross,

    Thanks for following my blog. I just started blogging and It made me feel really good, that someone is actually reading my works. Anyway, I’m checking out your works and they are awesome. Thanks Again. 🙂

  18. Thanks for following my blog! I really appreciate the visit, hope you will drop in occasionally. The excitement you have in the photo is much greater than that of the monkey. He is probably tired of the photo ops.

  19. I’m so glad I found your blog! It seems your two biggest passions are Jesus and creative writing; this is EXACTLY how I feel. Awesome. Feel free to stop by writingbyart anytime!

  20. I think I get the better end of the deal…to answer to your prompt! I enjoy your style and wit very much and am glad you dropped in on me so I could do the same. Looking forward to that book…not much of a scientist…but I do love strange discoveries.

  21. Gee, I wish there was an edit button in the comment box…hate when I notice typos after the fact! Apologies for previous comment’s errors… embarrassing 😦

  22. Hi there! Thanks for following my blog! I’m still scrapping it together 🙂 I am amazed at times at how far the internet can reach out, I have never been to the West Coast, so greetings from an East Coast girl! Your book sounds pretty promising. Best of luck to it!

  23. Hi Ross! Thanks so much for the recent follow – I look forward to getting to know you better! I am so impressed by everything you’ve got going on here. And…so…you’re saying that monkey is single? 😉

  24. Thanks for following my blog. It’s great meeting other writers; that’s why I’m following your blog now. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far. Never stop writing.

  25. Dear Ross,

    Creativity, be it in the form of art or writing, is always appreciated. Your blog is inspiring for someone aspiring to be a novelist, i.e. me.

    Appreciate you liking my blog; it truly means a lot.


  26. I do not know exactly what kind of writer I am. I have a book being published ” FACING FACE” This book is actually my journal including some of my artwork.
    While working as a union crew member onset of the movie, THE HUNTED I fell backwards off stairs. I fell on my head and sustained among other injuries a traumatic brain injury. My life as I knew it was over. My book is my story of the darkness and hopelessness that became my life. Although, it is also where the best in me became stronger and along with an obvious sense of humor, against all odds and opinions with God’s help got off of Medicaid,and no longer needing a caregiver. I am allowing my very personal journal to be published because I want to give hope to the hopeless, by poking a hole in their darkness allowing hope into their lives.

  27. I have nominated you for The Beautiful Blogger Award. Congratulations on a wonderful blog. If you choose to accept it, please visit my site, the rules are there. All the best

  28. Well, first — thanks for choosing to follow my site. I’ll return the favor. You asked what I’m working on?
    1. Completing a short story trilogy that joins two previous SSs: The Learning Curve and Harvey Meeks Crawl Space. The link, a much longer SS, is entitled “The Circadae.”
    2. An historic novel based on the Horry family, whose ancestor, Elias Horry, escaped the persecution of the Huguenots at the age of 21 in France by Louis XIV, and eventually wound up in Charles Towne, SC. 3rd Amerincan generation Peter Horry served under Francis Marion during the Revolutionary War.
    3. Perhaps my first self-published collection of poems, entitled “Poems From the Homespun Bard,” that feature what I call my good ol’ boy voice.
    4. Adding to the Stinky children’s stories, a series my 8 yr old daughter and I are working on, that began with “Stinky and the Night Mare.”

    I welcome all critiques — some more than others, of course! : )

    My wife and I lived in Portland, OR, while she was in midwifery school at OHSU, and our first son, Peter, was born on the livingroom floor on one of the hottest recorded days there. We are now in North Carolina, and Peter is about to graduate high school.

    During our time there I travelled throughout Oregon and up into Washington as a sales rep for a home improvement company.

  29. Thank you so much for the follow. Good luck with your writing career. It is a big thing to be a finalist in ‘Glimmer Train’. Hope your work is published soon:)

  30. It’s encouraging to find serious lit fic writers who are also followers of Christ. I feel like I’m alone out there. Thanks for following my blog, too. Grats on all the work you’re doing. I may hit you up for some advice later.

  31. You are One Funny Dude! thanks for the great video, and I want More…
    I am not a Christian, and avoid prosthelytizing, as I grew up with a lot of it.
    That being said, I am now quite curious about what else you have to say,
    and will check in on you from time to time. Do come by again and share
    my poetry…. we writers all need encouragement!!

  32. Ross,
    Thanks for following my blog; I hope it stimulates thoughts and questions as well as information and help.
    Checked out your blog and you have some nest stuff. Glade I stopped by.


  33. Thanks for the follow. I am writing my way through a personal crisis and am finding I am starting to focus more on the writing than the crisis. Checked out your site and there is a lot of inspiration there. All the best.

  34. Hey Ross – just wanted to drop a line and say thanks so much for following my blog! Your video of “Places Where I Write My Book” cracked me up. For me, that would have had to include a scene of me attempting to type while juggling a cat in my lap (not activities I would recommend combining). Of course, when the cat gets too persnickety, I just toss her on my husband. 🙂

  35. Hello Ross: Just wanted to stop by and thank you for following my “Delightful Local Repast” blog. Your blog contains very interesting and insightful content…nice. Cheers, Rose

  36. Now this is amazing stuff! I’m a songwriter so creativity is something I would love to improve as I make pieces that melt people’s hearts! Thanks for the follow. Love what you’re doing.

  37. Hi Ross. Thanks for your follow of Lore of the Underlings. It’s nice to know you’re there.

  38. Cute video! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and signing on to follow my adventures. Hope you enjoy your visits there, and hope that your dreams of being a writer come true!

  39. Thanks for the follow! I’ve done the same to you 🙂

    Wonderful video, by the way. I’m going to have to try some of those out, now!


  40. Thanks for the follow Ross! I’m really enjoying your series on creativity! I’m curious though – how did you find my blog? All the best, I’ll be following your posts. Regards from South Africa!

  41. I like your blog and nominated you for the Inspirational Blog Award. This is only the second time I’ve had to do this, and the rules are not clear to me, so I hope this is right.

  42. Hey Ross! Thanks for following my blog! Otherwise I wouldn’t have had a chance to go through yours. 🙂 I really like what you have here. Congrats on your MFA!!

  43. Hey, Ross! Welcome to the diabeticredemption.com family of readers. I’m glad you’ve joined us! If you’d like, please find my Friends page, and tell me and my readers a little about you and your blog. I can’t wait for you to join in!

  44. Hey, Ross. Thank you so much for stopping by (and following) my blog. Nice to be noticed by someone with so many things I aspire to!! I’m very interested in what you have posted here but not much time at the moment. I have a sick 4 year old. I’ll be checking it out soon. Blessings!

  45. Ross! Thank you for your recent follow! Your video cracked me up. I have two little boys, a six month old and a two year old, and I find myself trying to sneak in writing anywhere I can. Bathroom included.

    God bless and best wishes with your writing!!

  46. Thanks for checking out my blog. I noticed you are now following me to I decided to follow you and see what you’re about. What part of Oregon are you from, I have a good friend in OC, + I’m working on coming over for a visit next year. I look forward to reading more …
    oh, my postcard too please..

  47. Hello my friend Ross Gale,

    I wish the sunshine keeps shining in the realm of your heart and the sky will remain blue in the part of your horizon. I would like to thank you for following my blog. I hope your visits in my blog have been and will always be a joyful ride. -)

    Thank you again and have a lovely day to you, Ross! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  48. Dear Ross, thank you very much for visiting my blog, it means a lot to me. I was glad to read that you were finalist for Glimmer Train’s Short Fiction Award as Glimmer Train is one of my favourite literary magazines.

    Kind Regards,

  49. Happy Monday Ross. Thank you for following me (walkwiththerabbi) at “thewalkbook.wordpress.com.” I’m following you as well, so we’ll connect on other matters before long. Make it a great and an “Ollin” day. Blessings to you and yours.

  50. I love your intro video! (I’m visiting through Roger Colby’s blog – love what I’ve seen so far!) ~ Julie 🙂

  51. WELCOME! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take concerning life and events I experience as I journey through my retirement years. Looking forward to sharing future post with you as I also follow your blog.


  52. Thanks for the follow. Hmmm, really, thanks! I am a writer in transition. Kind of like dust bunnies under the bed. “From dust thou art and to dust thou shalt return.” Problem is I don’t know if I’m coming or going. And, oh yeah, did I say thanks for the follow?

  53. Ross, what a very cool blog! And that video; dude! I really like the fort. I’ve never written in the bathtub, but sometimes in public.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll come back and see how the writing is going. 🙂

    A sister in Christ, Anna

  54. Oh, I love your video here! Well done, you! 🙂

    I just stopped by to thank you for following my blog. It always gives me a thrill. (I have a tiny, modest following compared to yours.) So, thank you!

  55. Hey there Ross, I’m not sure if anyone has already touched base with you about The Next Big Thing blog tour going on but you crossed my mind for being on the next round (if you haven’t heard about it, that probably makes little to no sense). Basically, you answer ten Q’s on your blog and then send them on to other writers. I’ll forward the Q’s to you if you’re interested. Have a good one!

  56. Hi Ross, thanks for the follow. KRI-TEEK MEE is a new endeavor for me and I’m glad you found it. Love your video. I wish I could let myself relax enough to do something like that. I’m also inspired by your Creativity Series. I’ll be back to take a closer look at it.

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