In Search of Bill Clinton and Other Political Heroes

I used to be home-schooled. Which obviously means I attended 4-H meetings (you know, Head, Heart, Hands, Health. Watch this if you’re unfamiliar with 4-H). I was voted vice-president of our little group. And that was the beginning and end of my political career.

I don’t like politics. I don’t like that Christians believe controlling other people’s actions will help make them moral. I don’t like that we want the government to do the Church’s job, especially when it comes to the poor. And I don’t like power games.

Now I’m done talking about politics. There is a new book entitled In Search of Bill Clinton (via here) that just has a picture of a sad looking Bill on the front of it, no title or the name of the author. I like the idea of not having the title on the front. I want to do that with the book I eventually write. Maybe I’ll have a picture of me. The book will be called Vanity…or Unibrow.