For Writers Readers and Everyone Else 011

  • I’ve always wondered how presidential candidates picked their running mates. Here’s how Obama picked his.
  • I thought I invented the faux hawk. I guess this photographer gets all the credit. At least I invented TMI.
  • Most people don’t believe I invented the acronym TMI (too much information). Shun the non believers. Shun! There’s even a television show named after my invention. You can watch a clip here. At 33 seconds someone farts. I think it’s a kids show.
  • An old hockey teammate of mine is in prison for selling heroin in Denver. Here’s an interview with a guy who used to be the world’s biggest heroin dealer. He now lives with his mother at 39. It’s pretty explicit and sensational and you should definitely read the comments.
  • The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga won the prestigious Booker prize. According to the Guardian the judges didn’t pick Sebastian Barry’s The Secret Scripture because the previous year’s winner was also Irish.
  • This is what I woke up to this morning.