This is Madness

One of my favorite parts of the movie 300 is at the beginning when the Persian messenger rides into Sparta asking for “Earth and water,” representing their submission to the god-king Xerxes. When Leonidas pulls a sword on the messenger, the Persian yells, “This is madness,” to which Leonidas states, “This is Sparta!” and then pushes him into a random, large pit in the ground.

It was madness. Which is why my fists were clenched when I watched the scene.

I finished watching There Will Be Blood the other day and that phrase kept running through my head. This is madness. The crazy bachelor with his deaf son obsessed with oil and money. The young preacher obsessed with a large church and money. And finally in the last scene when the oil man has coerced the preacher into exclaiming at the top of his lungs that, “I am a false prophet and God is a superstition!” and subsequently kills him with a bowling pen in the bowling alley in his large mansion. This is madness. Which is why it won a couple of Oscars. Because I think to be good, to be interesting, to be original you have to be a little mad.

Which brings us to the Checkov quote from Clavdia that explains why he felt he was crazy to be so obsessed with writing.

If you saw The Dark Night this weekend I think you’d all agree that the Joker’s madness is what made him so exciting and evocative. Do you think Heath will win an Oscar?