Life on Mars

Australians love space travel. Well, maybe not all Australians, but Frank Stratford does, founder of MarsDrive, and a big proponent of establishing human life on Mars. Stratford believes we should start creating life on Mars in case Earth, with it’s human offenses, can’t sustain life in the future. Stratford says:

In a world that is struggling with political solutions to big problems like the environment, hunger, poverty, and disease, we need a challenge like Mars now more than ever. We need to “sharpen up”…

Politically, we always struggle. In the history of human kind there has never not been a political struggle. As far as sharpening up, the people who do eventually participate in space travel won’t be the people needing sharpening up.

It’s good to dream big and reach beyond the clouds, but let’s not use our failures here to runaway somewhere else. We’ll screw things up in Mars the same way we screw up Earth.

Starting life on Mars might be, “an escape, a chance for a new start,” but starting new needs to begin not with the setting, but with the people.

It’s the inward change that propels the outer.