For Writers Readers and Everyone Else — Wednesday Edition

• If you’re ever out with an ugly girl you can pull out one of these and still have a good time.

• Because I’m obsessed with everything Jewish. (here via VelveteenRabbi)

• Liam Durcan says fiction is good for us because it immerses us in other minds and other experiences. (here via Bookinja)

• Why genre is a bad idea: because good fiction gets categorized as young adult fiction. And who reads Y.A.? (More about it here via Bookninja)

• Frank Viola (author of Pagan Christianity review here) has a blog. Yesterday he told a funny Italian joke. 

• James Carse says religion is like poetry. That’s about the only thing I agree with him in his interview here.

Right now I’m reading Cynthia Ozick’s Dictation (review here), Amoz Oz’s Elsewhere Perhaps, and Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine (video here). If you’ve read any of those let me know what you think.

I’m a little angry that today I’m leaving the comfortable 72 degrees of Oregon for the 85 degrees of Southern California. I’m taking lots of sunblock. I recommend using this kind. Not only is it SPF 45, but it’s spray on.

I have three words for that: Un-believe-able! (That was my capitalism plug for the month and I didn’t get paid to say all that, although I should.)