Anti-Platform: How to Hide When Everybody’s Looking

After two days of heavy traffic on my site while reading Michael Hyatt’s new book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World I went ahead and wrote the sequel.

My book is called: Anti-Platform: How to Hide When Everybody’s Looking. It’s a step by step guide for anyone who, like myself, is too famous.

Michael Hyatt’s book Platform is super helpful for bloggers, musicians, writers, unemployed 20-somethings, and stay-at-home moms looking for a practical guide on how to build a platform where you earn the attention of a following. And it’s selling out like crazy.

Seriously, it’s selling out so fast even digital books are out of stock. It’s in the top five of Amazon’s best sellers and it would be #1 if moms weren’t reading those sexy Gray books with the hot-compelling characters and voluptuous language. Platform passed Jimmy Fallon’s book and Fallon was in Band of Brothers for a couple scenes. Band of Brothers for God’s sake.

My prediction, because of what I’m seeing in my own life after reading Michael’s book, is that a lot of people will be super famous in the next few days as a result of also reading Michael’s book.

My book, Anti-Platform, is for those super famous people. Anti-Platform gives practical guidance and contains 5 Chapters:

  1. How to juggle your fame while driving your new Hummer-Hybrid.
  2. What would you rather have, another 1 million dollars or your new big-head full of nickels?
  3. How to focus your attention when your focus is worth billions.
  4. How to find some peace and quiet among the crowd screaming your name.
  5. How to create elegant disguises that even fool the CIA so you can get FroYo without signing autographs and getting Instagrammed.

Mr. Hyatt told a joke. He laughed. He had vanilla FroYo. There are two similar looking mountains behind us.

Stay tuned for how you can get your grimy hands on a copy of my sequel. And in the meantime go read Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.

But wait. Once people read my book they’ll need another guide on living with SUPER-SUPER-FAME. The world needs the writer willing to sacrifice for the greater good. If you’re willing to write the sequel to the best selling sequel to the best selling guide on how to build a platform, let me know in the comments and I will send you the cover image for your future book with YOUR NAME ON IT:

Go buy Platform.