World Debut of “LOST on Joni and Friends Island”

There was threat of a writers strike which would have pushed the world debut of the movie back even longer. But through some tough negotiations a deal was worked out. So here it is at last. The world debut of “LOST”.

I’d like to thank everyone that made this possible: Matthew, Amos, and Gabbi for the great acting. Kathryn for being a great camera person. Rob for always being in the right place at the right time and for being so graceful. And Hannah for filming and coming up with everything funny in the movie.

“In the Shade of the Tree” Live Music Performance

The world debut of LOST is only one day away. It will be posted tomorrow morning at 7:30. You might want to get in line early because it will be a sold out event. People are calling it the most anticipated internet movie of the summer.

To add to this weeks festivities of the movie release I’m pleased to introduce to you the live music performance of my band which is called We’re Siblings. My sister Hannah plays the bongos and does some back up singing. The song is called “In the Shade of the Tree.” Enjoy and we’ll see you tomorrow for the debut.

Movie Debut of LOST Delayed Because of Earthquake — Watch the Preview

Because of the earthquake in L.A. the world debut of LOST will be on Friday. I actually did not feel the earthquake because I was sleeping. I have a lot of fans excited about the debut so today we will feature the movie preview to give you a taste of the most anticipated internet movie of the summer.

Movie Debut of “LOST” Pushed Back Because of Paparazzi

The world debut of “LOST on Joni and Friends Island” has been pushed back a day or two because of the paparazzi. I was unable to finish the final adjustments because I was busy eluding the paparazzi chasing me through the streets of L.A. while they tried to get my picture.

My afternoon at the Santa Monica beach was interrupted because of the crowd of fans that spotted me swimming and playing in the ocean. Below are some of the pictures the paparazzi took. I’m sure they’ll be published in the The National Enquirer and/or The Globe.

If you missed the RED CARPET PREMIERE of the movie go here. It includes cast interviews and crowd reactions. It was a huge turnout. Mike Tyson, Denzel Washington, and Spike Lee were there. Rumors were swirling that Tom Cruise and Hannah Montana would be on hand.

Check back tomorrow for the world debut of “LOST on Joni and Friends Island” the most anticipated internet movie of the summer.

Premiere of “Lost” at Joni and Friends Retreat in Murrieta, Ca

I spent the past week with my family in Murrieta, California, at the Joni and Friends Retreat. It’s something that my brother KC has done for the past ten years and always looks forward to. This was my third or fourth year. For the talent show my sister Hannah and I wanted to make a movie so we forced some of our friends to help us out. This is the Red Carpet Premiere Party of our movie LOST. Tomorrow the movie will be debuted.

Santa Claus and I Break Up

I returned Santa. I don’t really want to talk about it, so you can watch instead. If you missed the video of when we met go here.