Sigur Ros and Justice Make Annoying Music

I didn’t know this, but somehow music is mathematical. The song that hits the spot, somehow hits the spot mathematically. And then there’s music that just gets on my nerves. It’s annoying.  But sometimes I wonder if it’s not the math or the music that is off. Maybe somehow I’m off. Maybe it’s not the music that is annoying or loud or obnoxious or terrible. Maybe I’m not ready for the music. Maybe I’m too loud or obnoxious or terrible.

And then I wonder what other things I’m not ready for. And what does it take, not for me to understand the math, but to accept the solution? To lose myself in the beat, and the rhythm, and the melody. Essentially, I guess it’s coming in tune with the world around me. And that takes looking to its Creator and its Savior.

(Here are some examples of bands whose music might get on your nerves initially, but then you learn to like it: Sigur Ros and Justice.)